MIPCOM Spotlight: Pol-ka Producciones


Pol-ka Producciones’ scripted comedy Only You centers on a man in his 40s, a father of five children, who is forced to start over after his wife asks for “a break” and he loses his job.

Pol-ka Producciones is offering the scripts to the comedy for local adaptation. The company is also looking to shore up format sales for the dramedy Family Silence and Cunning Girls. “Cunning Girls is a female-driven drama about a passionate group of women who have to cope with the bankruptcy of the bank where they have their savings and must start over with their projects,” says Manuel Marti, the international development and production director at Pol-ka Producciones. The series follows as the five women work to get back on track financially and emotionally.

“We’re a 20-year-old company with lots of experience and local talent ready to co-produce for the EU and international markets,” Marti adds.