MContent Commissions New Metaverse Dating Format


MContent has commissioned Game of Love: Dating in the Metaverse, the first reality TV series to take place in both a customized virtual world and in a physical location, from MGM’s Concept Street.

The dating format will feature a main character and three singles who enter the virtual world from their own real-life hotel suites. In the metaverse, they will get to know each other by exploring, collaborating on challenges and spending a romantic night under the virtual starry sky. After their digital blind dates, the main character must choose one to meet in real life.

Game of Love: Dating in the Metaverse is currently in production. It will debut later this year on the MContent web and app platform, as well as in the MContent Cineverse, a virtual theater in the metaverse. The format is available for international licensing opportunities.

“Conventional dating apps are becoming less popular with Gen Zers who find socializing in gaming communities more appealing. Game of Love is a show for them,” said Umair Masoom, CEO and founder of MContent. “The metaverse, by its own decentralized design, is highly inclusive, so this show will include every gender, race and orientation, and the avatars will be the great equalizers, protecting against first physical impressions. It’s a first-of-its-kind format that can very easily be adapted to any market.”