MBC Sets Million Dollar Land Adventure Reality Competition


MBC Group has launched Ard Al-Million (Million Dollar Land), a new adventure reality competition based on the Million Dollar Island format.

Described as a high-stakes social experiment, the Arabic version of the show sees 100 contestants from across the Arab world compete for the chance to win a $1 million grand prize. Saudi actor and host Mohamed El Shehri serves as presenter.

Million Dollar Land broadcasts on MBC GROUP’s TV channels, MBC1 and MBC IRAQ, televised from the heart of NEOM.

El Shehri commented: “It is the contestants who will be battling it out and competing, so needless to say, I am grateful that I get to retain my energy!”

He continued: “The experience is far removed from the world of acting, first of all, so it is offering something new for me. But what also attracted me to Million Dollar Land is the fact that it is something we’ve never seen before here. The challenges are incredibly unique in nature, plus considering it involves 100 contestants means we will have an incredibly diverse group of participants from across the Arab world, which is really exciting.

“We also have an outstanding production team shooting everything to the highest standards in line with the international format.”

Commenting on the location of Million Dollar Land, El Shehri added: “Never would I have ever imagined that I would end up presenting in this magical, relatively isolated location of NEOM, distinguished by its pristine nature comprising mountains and natural landscapes, as well as greenery.

“The diverse terrain of Saudi Arabia is fascinating; NEOM is definitely a city of the future and a global landmark for tourism, finance, technology and urbanization. I consider myself fortunate to present such a significant program from this amazing location.”