Jason Biggs Teams with Thinkfactory for Baking Competition


Thinkfactory Media has partnered with actor Jason Biggs (American Pie, Orange Is the New Black) for a new competition series that sees top bakers battle it out in the kitchen.

Tentatively titled Biggs Ass Bake Off, the show will be hosted and executive produced by Biggs. The competitors, who will live at the show’s baking compound throughout the season, will take part in a different 24-hour baking challenge in each episode.

Split into small teams, the bakers will be tasked with filling separate rooms with sweet treats, designing edible scenes based on a specific theme. Only Biggs will have access to every room, checking in on each team’s progress in the lead-up to the final reveals. When time is up, Biggs and a panel of guest judges will observe each room and taste test various pieces of the edible set.

Biggs, together with Thinkfactory, is taking the series to prospective buyers.

Biggs said: “Over 20 years as the ‘Pie Guy’ has led me to this inevitable place—hosting and producing a baking show of epic proportions. I am incredibly excited to partner with the brilliant folks at Thinkfactory Media to bring audiences a show fit for this self-proclaimed ‘King of Pastry.’ The bakers’ creations will be beyond measure (-ing cups) and matched only by the drama of the competition. This is gonna be a fun one.”

Thinkfactory CEO Adam Reed said: “We’re really proud of the ridiculous amount of joy contained within this format. It’s a series in which each episode can be as wildly funny, awe-inspiring and visually stunning as it is intense. We’re thrilled to have Jason as our ringleader, resident taste tester and guide through the madness, and I couldn’t be more excited to bring this one to viewers.”