Fear Factor Returning in Belgium


Banijay Belgium, a Banijay Benelux label, is producing an all-new season of Fear Factor for SBS-owned Play4, following a 17-year hiatus.

Comedian Alex Agnew is to serve as the host of Fear Factor. In the series, duos face a series of terrifying challenges to win a cash prize.

Originally created by EndemolShine Netherlands, Fear Factor has had numerous seasons in India and the U.S. Following its success, EndemolShine Netherlands created a spin-off for younger viewers, Cool Factor, which was popular in Belgium, airing for six seasons on Nickelodeon.

Isabelle Dams, CEO of Banijay Belgium, said: “Guts, adventure, and excitement are in the very DNA of Fear Factor, and we have developed challenges which will amaze contestants and viewers in Belgium. Alex Agnew is bold, loud and ultra-cool, making him the perfect host for the show. This new commission showcases our unbounded creativity, and it is a great addition to Banijay Belgium’s 2022 slate.”

Lucas Green, global head of content operations at Banijay, commented: “Fear Factor is a classic format where learning to overcome fears and take on unbelievable challenges is as relevant today as when it first aired. We are seeing a strong resurgence of the show globally, and we’re excited to see Banijay Belgium take the show to the next level with its local flare added to this reboot.”