Endemol Shine Brazil Commissioned for Best.Cover.Ever Season Two


Endemol Shine Brazil has partnered with Brahma and VillaMix for a second season of the format Best.Cover.Ever (O Próximo Número 1 VillaMix).

Hosted by Mariana Rios and Luan Santana, the program seeks to find Brazil’s next sertanejo star. With six episodes, this year’s grand finale will see the winners of each episode get the opportunity to perform at VillaMix Goiânia, where the champion of season two will be crowned. The first season was broadcast in 2019 on the VillaMix Festival YouTube channel and produced in the YouTube Space.

The Best.Cover.Ever format was originally created by Endemol Shine North America. The U.S. version was a YouTube original series produced by Ryan Seacrest Productions, Endemol Shine North America and Columbia Records.

Maria Rachel, Brahma’s marketing manager, said: “The first season of the reality show was a huge success and Brahma, who have always been supporters of this music in Brazil, continues the search for new talents in the country to continue the growth of this musical style, which draws crowds wherever it goes.”

Ana Lobo, commercial and account VP at Endemol Shine Brazil, said: “We are very proud of the success and worldwide recognition we have achieved with O Próximo Número 1 VillaMix. Along with Brahma, VillaMix and Africa [Agency], we are excited to present new exciting stories that will delight the audience.”

Rios added: “I am very excited to start recording. This project gave me the opportunity to combine two of my passions, music and being a host. That is why this invitation to participate in O Próximo Número 1 VillaMix makes me very happy and I can’t wait to start recording together with Luan and our guests.”