Wednesday, August 21, 2019
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Zooming In on Formats

This article originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2012 issue of TV Formats.   A format show, like Big Brother or American Idol, never pretends to be anything other than entertainment. Whether scripted or non-scripted, factual or fictional, studio-based or location-based, prime time or daytime, if the audience does not come ...

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A Victory for Formats

Asian broadcasters are increasingly willing to adapt concepts from around the world. Format distributors trying to crack the Asian market have not always had an easy time of it. For many years, while European and North American broadcasters were eagerly adapting imported concepts, Asian channels were either hesitant to take ...

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Game On

Interactive elements and enhanced play-along features are bringing new life to the always-in-demand game-show genre.  Night after night millions of TV viewers around the world play along with their favorite game shows, yelling answers at their television sets. While “interactivity” might be a recent buzzword for many in the programming ...

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Feelin’ Good

  This article originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2011 issue of TV Formats.   Shows with a feel-good factor have been winning over audiences and providing broadcasters with big ratings, wide demographic reach and built-in sponsorship opportunities.   It’s a tough world out there. Between the doom and gloom of ...

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