Banijay’s Jarowskij Readies Climate Bootcamp Format


The Banijay Nordic company Jarowskij is set to produce the sustainability format Climate Bootcamp for broadcast on SVT and UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company).

“Protecting our planet for future generations is incredibly important to us, and in the midst of the COP26 conversation, the world’s attention is on the climate emergency,” said Iréne Lindblad, CEO at Jarowskij. “The amazing talent associated with Climate Bootcamp highlights the small changes the individual can make and is just one example of the importance Banijay and its labels are placing on positive change.”

The six-part series sees a group of celebrities address the area of their lives with the most detrimental impact on the planet—from travel and consumption to just their attitude. The group will attend a camp to retrain themselves and learn why they must make changes now before heading back to their everyday lives to put their learning into action.

Margretha Eriksson, program director at UR (Swedish Educational Broadcasting Company), said, “Climate Bootcamp is part of our commitment to educating and inspiring Swedish audiences of all ages to be more sustainable—from young children wanting to learn about nature and how to take care of our planet, to grown-ups struggling with anxiety around climate change. Our belief and ambition is that this show will give the audience the knowledge, support and hope they need to start to change their everyday life for the better.”

James Townley, global head of content development at Banijay, added, “Sustainability and the impact of climate change is central to our industry right now, as it should be. Banijay, like its peers, is proactive in reducing its carbon footprint and overall impact on the environment, both corporately and on-set. New shows like Climate Bootcamp align with our wider core values and demonstrate our commitment to delivering content that entertains and educates.”