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Andrew Davies

This interview originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2013 issue of World Screen. Prolific writer Andrew Davies has penned countless screenplays. He is best known for adapting the great works of literature for television, notably Pride and Prejudice and Little Dorrit, which won him an Emmy, but has also adapted the ...

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Kevin Bacon

This interview originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2013 issue of World Screen. Kevin Bacon’s first film was National Lampoon’s Animal House, which led to roles in Diner as well as Footloose, the movie that launched his career. He went on to work with a variety of prominent directors: Oliver Stone ...

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James Spader

This interview originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2013 issue of World Screen. James Spader’s filmography is long and diverse, ranging from the movies Pretty in Pink, Sex, Lies, and Videotape and Steven Spielberg’s Lincoln to the television series Boston Legal, The Practice and The Office. Spader has played a wide ...

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Fred Burcksen

TV DRAMA: How has ZDF Enterprises’ international drama co-production strategy changed in recent years? What opportunities are you seeing now that perhaps didn’t exist a few years ago? BURCKSEN: In general, we feel that broadcasters are more open to co-productions than [they were] ten years ago. In recent years, we’ve ...

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Steven Moffat

This interview originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2013 issue of TV Europe. In 1963, the BBC premiered a quirky science-fiction show about an alien who called himself the Doctor, traveling through space and time in a blue police box called the TARDIS. With a plot device that allowed the Doctor ...

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The Legacy of The Sopranos

It was his role in The Sopranos that catapulted James Gandolfini to global fame and transformed the rules for what you could do on television. TV Drama Weekly dug through the World Screen archives to present a look at the lasting legacy of the HBO drama, which ended its acclaimed ...

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Golden Drama

Asian dramas are finding a wealth of new fans across the region and around the world. Audiences in Germany are tuning in to RTL II for a dose of Bollywood glamour. Across the Middle East and Africa, Filipino fantasy series and Malaysian soaps are popping up on television schedules. Korean ...

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All That Drama

This article originally appeared in the MIPTV 2012 issue of World Screen. Call it the kaleidoscopic age of TV drama. Never before has there been such a range of colorful story lines, styles and sensibilities at work in the genre. One program producer enthuses that hour-long series are now indisputably ...

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Dramatic Close Up

  This article originally appeared in the MIPCOM 2011 issue of TV Europe.   European drama series are increasingly making their way off the Continent to screens across the globe.   European-made drama is making a killing on the international TV circuit, if the popularity of The Killing, the Danish ...

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