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NATPE 2013 Digital Editions

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NATPE 2013

***World Screen***

World Screen
Hot Topic: U.S. Cable—Clear brands, innovative dramas and a close relationship with audiences have been central to the success of America’s top cable networks. Plus, interviews with Tele München Group’s Herbert Kloiber, BBC Worldwide’s Herb Scannell and FremantleMedia’s Thom Beers, as well as a spotlight on The Formats Project competition, presented by Global Agency in association with World Screen, and a profile celebrating the tenth anniversary of the hit series MythBusters.
Digital edition sponsored by Dori Media Group.

***TV Latina***

TV Latina
Hot Topic: Free TV—A look at the region’s top terrestrial broadcasters. Also, Ricardo Salinas, Mario San Román and Marcel Vinay reflect on 20 years of the Mexican group Azteca. Plus, interviews with Alexandre Raposo, as the Brazilian broadcaster Record turns 60; MundoFox’s Emiliano Saccone, Cisneros Group’s Adriana Cisneros and Canal 13-Chile’s David Belmar, among others.
Digital edition sponsored by Dori Media Group.


***TV Kids***

TV Kids
Hot Topic: Top programmers reveal their strategies for 2013. Plus, an interview with Cyber Group’s Pierre Sissmann.
Digital edition sponsored by
DreamWorks Classics.

***TV Novelas***

TV Novelas
Hot Topic: Youth-targeted novelas. And, a spotlight on Televisa’s Emilio Azcárraga, who was interviewed on stage at MIPCOM by World Screen’s Anna Carugati in the Grand Auditorium in the Palais des Festivals. Plus, an interview with Gustavo Bolívar.
Digital edition sponsored by Dori Media Group.


***TV Niños***

TV Niños
Hot Topics: Comedy—What goes into making a hit kids’ comedy; On Demand—The impact of new-media platforms. Plus, interviews with Saban Capital’s Haim Saban and Cartoon Network’s Stuart Snyder.
Digital edition sponsored by
DreamWorks Classics.


***TV Latina Guides***

TV Latina Guides
The TV Latina Channels Guide 2013 offers up detailed information on numerous cable and satellite channel brands operating in Latin America. The TV Latina Distributors Guide 2013 offers essential information on leading content distributors in Latin America.