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Vivicast Media to Bring 4K, UHD Titles & More to MIPTV


Vivicast Media is gearing up for MIPTV, where it will present a slate of new 4K and UHD series, as well as a lineup of next-generation 4K networks.

Among the highlights is the hour-long documentary Journey to Herculaneum, which takes viewers to an ancient city where a metropolis arose in the Middle Ages despite it having been buried in volcanic ash. There is also the 4×1-hour Journey to the Kung Fu World, which is billed as part travelogue and part spiritual journey. “The series takes viewers to incredible Chinese locales and features interviews with famed kung fu icons,” says Stuart Smitherman, the president of Vivicast Media.

Meanwhile, the arts and travel doc Water Puppet—Behind the Curtain presents “an extraordinary look at a Vietnamese tradition dating back to the 11th century from the farmers of northern Vietnam to the artists of the Thang Long Water Puppet Theatre,” Smitherman says.

Further highlights include the travel and adventure series Road Less Traveled, Landscape Hunter, Maximum Foodie, and Sex, Power and the Divine.

According to Smitherman, “Each of these programs tells fascinating stories of people, places and cultures that transcend all borders.”

Vivicast will also showcase content for co-production opportunities, including Ball Trip, a documentary series that brings a new perspective to the world of football from the eyes of a fanatic.

In addition, Vivicast Media represents a host of award-winning linear channels that deliver full-time schedules via 4K and HD technology. These include #C4K360, 4K Universe Travelxp 4K and Nature Relaxation 4K.

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