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Sunny Side of the Doc Outlines PiXii Highlights


This year, PiXii (Paths of Interaction, eXperiences in Immersion & Innovation), an event focused on digital innovation, returns to Sunny Side of the Doc for a second edition.

At La Rochelle’s Musée Maritime during Sunny Side of the Doc, PiXii will give industry professionals and even the general public the opportunity to test out and interact with VR, AR and 3D spatial audio devices designed to enhance knowledge transfer. PiXii puts a spotlight on 360-degree films. New this year, France Télévisions, ARTE and Téléfilm Canada will be presenting their latest VR, AR and 360-degree productions to the public.

Additionally, INA (the French National Audiovisual Institute) will bring to life the French singer Barbara and Nelson Mandela using technology. INA is also a partner for the Digital Culture Kick-starters program, which includes case studies of immersive installations already established in cultural centers such as museums, aquariums and regional authorities.

PiXii will be held at La Rochelle’s Musée Maritime, located near the Espace Encan, which has been home to Sunny Side of the Doc for the past few years. A number of immersive experiences created for exhibitions for Paris Musés will be presented. Among the experiences available are “700 Sharks,” “The Wild Immersion” and “Montréal en Histoires.”

The event will also feature a pitch session for six immersive projects for museum installations on climate and oceans. The projects will be seeking co-financing and resource sharing, and will be part of the 2019 exhibition at La Rochelle’s Musée Maritime on the theme of Climate/Oceans.

“Public television stations came to us wanting to show both industry professionals with accreditation to Sunny Side of the Doc and also to the people from the local area their support towards digital innovation,” said Yves Jeanneau, the CEO of Sunny Side of the Doc.

“There’s a clear organic connection between the market’s theme this year, having opened up towards digital culture players and makers for the past two years, and the fact that we have been able to take over the Musée Maritime in 2018,” added Jeanneau. “If I had to give an example to illustrate the merits of our approach and the interest for such stakeholders to come to La Rochelle, then simply take this year’s accredited museums, aquariums and other cultural heritage sites, who receive around 60 million visitors annually.”

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