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PBS Lines Up New NOVA Science Docuseries


PBS and WGBH have revealed details for NOVA Wonders, a new documentary series presented by scientists Talithia Williams, Rana el Kaliouby and André Fenton.

NOVA Wonders will see researchers explore the biggest unanswered questions about life and the cosmos. The 6×60-minute show will feature such topics as the secret language of animals, what’s hidden in the human body, artificial intelligence and the power to engineer life in a lab. It is slated to premiere in prime time on Wednesday, April 25, on PBS.

NOVA Wonders is produced by NOVA for WGBH Boston. Series producers include Michael Bicks and Anna Lee Strachan. Julia Cort is executive producer, while Paula S. Apsell is senior executive producer.

“What is so unique about NOVA Wonders—and what distinguishes it from the original NOVA series—is the emphasis on unanswered questions,” said Cort. “We’re riding along with researchers who are pushing the envelope on our knowledge about the universe and ourselves. They don’t have all the answers, but the thrill is in the journey and trying to solve a mystery for the very first time.”

Bicks added: “Much of what we wonder the most about can be distilled to what it means to be human, what our place is in the world and where we stand in the universe. What’s so special about us? How special are we? Now, how do we find answers? In the series, as we see how scientists think about problems and develop strategies, we see patterns emerge. Could we apply similar methods to understanding aliens as animals? What are the connections and parallels between our human brains, A.I. intelligence and animals? It’s a truly fascinating trip.”

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