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New Nat Geo Show to Spotlight Underwater Mysteries


National Geographic has lined up the factual series Drain the Oceans, exploring shipwrecks, treasure, sunken cities and more beneath the waves.

Using underwater scanning systems, Drain the Oceans will look at how vessels sank, how modern technology operates in inhospitable climates, what ancient geological formations can tell us about life on Earth, where Nazi secrets now reside and why people continue looking for Atlantis. The 10-part show visits the China Seas, Gulf of Mexico, Mediterranean, Nile, Pacific Rim, Indian Ocean, Atlantic Ocean and Baltic Sea.

Drain the Oceans is co-produced by Mallinson Sadler Productions and Electric Pictures for Nat Geo. The series will premiere later this year in 172 countries and 43 languages.

Hamish Mykura, the executive VP and head of international content for National Geographic, commented: “We had several successful standalone Drain the Oceans specials that, one after the other, resonated with audiences all over the world, so we’re very proud to be diving into a full series commitment. Spanning the globe, this ambitious new 10-part series offers novel storytelling as it explores the world’s oceans with innovative technology to investigate astonishing mysteries like what happened to the missing Malaysian Airlines flight MH370; how the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami affected global data in the cloud; and why one of the biggest treasure hauls off Florida was spread across the seabed for miles.”

Crispin Sadler of Mallinson Sadler Productions noted: “After working with National Geographic on numerous fantastic shows, I’m delighted to be joining forces with the network and with my friends at Electric Pictures to take this winning formula to a whole new level. Who hasn’t stood on a beach and wondered what you’d see if the tide just kept on going out? The beauty of this series is that…now it does! We love it for its simplicity and the refreshing way it brings new light to maritime mysteries old and new.”

Andrew Ogilvie of Electric Pictures added: “I am thrilled to be joining Crispin, the team at MSP and National Geographic to produce this landmark series. By combining resources, we are able to harness the skills and experience of some of the most talented television professionals in both the U.K. and Australia to produce a very high-quality series that will delight audiences wherever it is shown. It is a truly global project that takes the ‘draining’ technique of using CGI to peel back the ocean, and other large bodies of water, to reveal what lies below and applies it on a much larger scale than has been seen before.”

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