Sunday, October 21, 2018
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MIPCOM Spotlight: NHK Enterprises


The mysteries of the ancient natural world are uncovered using 8K cameras in Antarctica: The Frozen Time Capsule, which is part of the NHK Enterprises catalog.

“Under 3.5-meter-thick ice at the bottom of an Antarctic lake is a strange undulating landscape, unchanged from 1 billion years ago when oxygen first began appearing on Earth,” says Akira Ichikawa, the general manager of the program sales department at NHK Enterprises. “The image of microorganisms producing oxygen is captured in extraordinary detail.”

The documentary Crew 191: A Cameraman’s Records of “Life on Mars” allows viewers to experience what life would be like on the red planet. Another highlight is Wild Yellowstone. Shot in 8K, it immerses audiences in the “natural beauty and grandeur” of the landscape and offers an idea of what life is like for the animals that live there.

Ichikawa adds, “NHK’s natural-history programs are known for their excellence.”

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