Friday, March 23, 2018
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AeroCinema Expands Originals Offering


AeroCinema is expanding its library of original HD documentary content, adding titles such as The Wall of Fire and What Went Wrong with the Fat Man Mission.

The OTT service, which is devoted to the legacy of flight, has greenlit its next slate of eight hour-long documentaries. The Wall of Fire examines historians’ theories that the origins of the Cold War started in Canada, while What Went Wrong with the Fat Man Mission delves into the mysteries surrounding the second atomic bomb dropped during World War II. Other new titles include A Man Called Kammler and The Saga of Teddy Petters.

In addition, AeroCinema is actively seeking to commission third-party production with its CAVCO-listed status as meeting the ‘shown in Canada’ requirement for the purposes of the CPTC federal tax credit program. Internationally, AeroCinema has already partnered for a reciprocal exchange of content with France’s Aerostar.

“Original content is key and we expect to double our production over the next two years both with our own team and by partnering with like-minded Canadian and international co-production partners,” said AeroCinema’s CEO, Philip Osborn.

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