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Lista Social Wit: September 2017


Of all the programs that launched in Latin America last month, Golpe al corazón on Telefe in Argentina generated the most buzz on social media, according to The WIT.

The telenovela charts a love story between a brilliant female doctor seeking to head a clinic and a widowed boxer who begins working as a stretcher-bearer in the same clinic. There were around 28,000 comments on Facebook and Twitter about the debut episode.

Number two on the list of the most-buzzed-about new shows in LatAm is Caer en tentación, which debuted on Las Estrellas in Mexico. The local adaptation of the Argentinean telenovela Amar después de amar features two intertwined love stories, united by a dark secret revealed around a car accident. Some 21,000 tweets were sent about the premiere.

MTV Caniggia Libre on MTV Latinoamérica saw around 15,000 comments. The reality series—aired on MTV Latinoamérica and Telefe—follows the daily life of Argentinean twins and socialites Charlotte and Alexander Caniggia, children of an ex-football player and better known for their extreme and glamorous lifestyle.

The debut of ¡Muy padres! on Imagen TV in Mexico drew approximately 12,700 comments on social media platforms. The local adaptation of the telenovela Señores Papis, which aired in Argentina on Telefe, charts the parallel stories of three very different fathers who meet and become friends at the daycare center their kids attend.

There were also around 12,700 tweets about Exathlon Brasil, which debuted on Rede Band in Brazil. The adventure competition sees two teams compete on a Dominican island for 13 weeks in a variety of physical challenges: one is composed of ex-athletes (the “Heroes”), the other of anonymous people (the “Warriors”).

TV Globo in Brazil launched Tempo de Amar, which stirred up some 10,600 tweets. The period telenovela, set in the 1920s, charts a love story taking place between a fictional town in Portugal and Rio de Janeiro.

Contra viento y marea on Canal 13 in Chile saw around 10,000 social-media tweets. Each episode of the wedding reality program follows a couple intending to marry but who faces an ordeal that seriously jeopardizes their plans. Each episode concludes, if it happens, with the celebration of the wedding.

Also with around 10,000 tweets, Wena profe premiered on TVN in Chile. The telenovela is about a failed and penniless musician who poses as a music teacher and revolutionizes the educational approach of the school with his unusual methods.

Colorina saw approximately 9,600 tweets with its debut on América TV in Peru. It is a local adaptation of the telenovela Colorina that aired in Mexico on Canal de las Estrellas in 1980. The novela tells the story of a young red-haired prostitute who is manipulated by a rich family to give them an heir. She manages to escape with her child and comes back 20 years later with her three children but refuses to reveal which one is the heir.

El maestro on Canal 13 (El Trece) in Argentina rounds out the list at number ten, with some 8,700 comments on Facebook and Twitter. The drama series tells the story of Prat, a former classical dancer whose career was broken at its peak by an accident. He currently runs a dance school and has a bitter outlook on life, until the arrival of a young woman determined to get a scholarship to go to Canada.

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