Thursday, April 26, 2018
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Fox Sports Latin America Wins Piracy Battle in Uruguay


A court in Uruguay has ruled in favor of Fox Networks Group (FNG) Latin America in a piracy case against Roja Directa, a site that rebroadcasts sports content.

The court has granted a precautionary measure through which internet service providers will have to block all websites named Roja Directa. FNG’s Fox Sports Latin America had filed criminal charges against the site for copyright infringement, as it broadcasts unauthorized content produced by the group.

“This exemplary ruling marks the beginning of a judicial awareness of online piracy,” stated Daniel Steinmetz, chief anti-piracy officer at FNG Latin America. “FNG Latin America works constantly to fight the illegal use of content on different fronts, and we’re very pleased to have found in Uruguay an important ally in the battle against this scourge. We’re on our way to end with the impunity of these illegal rebroadcasting sites. We have filed lawsuits in other Latin American countries where we’ll seek to replicate what we’ve obtained in Uruguay.”

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