Saturday, October 20, 2018
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MIPJunior Spotlight: Spin Master Entertainment


Tech whiz Derek Dynamo and his best friend Super Dino, a genetically altered T-Rex, set out on exciting missions to protect the planet against evil in the animated action comedy Super Dinosaur, one of Spin Master Entertainment’s highlights for the market.

“The series will capture kids’ attention with epic encounters and will have them laughing hysterically with sharp, witty writing and performances,” says Thom Chapman, the company’s senior director of sales and distribution. “And best of all, what kid wouldn’t want a T-Rex best friend to save the world with?”

In Hatchimals: Adventures in Hatchtopia, Penguala, Cheetree, Draggle and Puppit discover all the magic and wonder of their world. “This fall we will be unboxing a new set of short-form content based on the Spin Master toy phenomena Hatchimals,” Chapman adds.

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