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Hopster Unveils Alphabet Hotel Game


Hopster has launched a phonics game called Alphabet Hotel to help preschoolers learn how to recognize and write the letters of the alphabet.

Alphabet Hotel features four mini-games to help children discover letters and sounds from the English alphabet inside different rooms within a hotel. After learning all of the single-letter sounds, children then progress to more complicated combinations, including two-letter sounds. The game will initially be free to play within the Hopster app.

Each of the four mini-games takes place in a different room of Alphabet Hotel. The games include Letter Trace, in which kids are introduced to a large letter and shown how to write it using their fingers, and Letter Find, which presents children with 11 balloons and asks them to pop the ones with the letter that corresponds to the room. The balloons make the letter sound when the user taps directly on them and pops them. Other games include Letter Objects, which asks users to tap three interior objects in the room that begin with the designated letter of the room, and the name of the object is announced to reinforce the letter-object correspondence. The activity Missing Letters, meanwhile, requires children to drag and drop the correct letter into the missing slot to complete a word.

Initially, Alphabet Hotel will be housed in a learning hub on the main screen of the Hopster app in Hopster School. In addition to the new game, kids will find a number of learning shows, all selected to further their understanding of sounds and letters. The shows include Phonics School, Alphabet Stories, Abadas, Reading Rainbow Storytime, Signed Stories and Two Minute Tales.

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