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GO-N to Co-Produce Tib & Tumtum with TF1, KiKA


PARIS: GO-N Productions has teamed up with TF1, KiKA and HR for the co-production of Tib & Tumtum, a new animated comedy adventure series for ARD in Germany.

Meant for kids between the ages of 5 and 8, Tib & Tumtum is an adaptation of the comic book by Flora Grimaldi and Nicolas Bannister. The 52×13-minute show follows the special friendship between a boy and a dinosaur. It has already been presold to Canal+ in France, VRT in Belgium and TFO in Canada.

Eric Garnet and Anne de Galard, producers and co-founders of GO-N Productions, remarked: “This comedy series portrays mind-blowing adventure from a child’s perspective and provides kids with a visually exciting breath of fresh air! It conveys universal values: being open to difference, personal achievement, friendship and humor, whilst taking the drama out of learning about life. Tib & Tumtum is pure kids’ entertainment, but with substance!”

Yann Labasque, the head of children’s programming at TF1, stated: “The adaptation of the Tib & Tumtum comic book into an animated series holds much promise for memorable comedy moments on TFOU. This is an atypical couple and their adventures should delight and move TFOU’s audience just as they have Glénat’s comic books readers. Great stories, emotion and adventures are the combined ingredients for the creation of a successful show on TFOU.”

Sebastien Debertin, the head of fiction, acquisitions and co-productions at KiKA, added: “Tib & Tumtum offers a unique mixture of adventure, comedy with sometimes surprisingly deep and emotional moments. Albeit the series has a boy as hero, the show perfectly targets boys and girls alike, as it features strong female characters as well and conveys modern role models and equal rights for men and woman! Tib & Tumtum additionally comes with beautiful, fantastic artwork and with the most impressing skies in an animated series, ever!”

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