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Armoza Formats’ The Bubble Optioned for U.S. Remake


Armoza Formats’ studio entertainment show The Bubble has been optioned by the U.S. production company ITV Entertainment.

The format watches celebrity contestants who are isolated in a “bubble” for an entire week—no internet, mobile phones or TV—and then brought into the studio, where they learn of the past week’s current affairs and are asked to distinguish the real news from the fake. The show has aired more than 100 episodes in eight countries, including in the U.K. (BBC), Croatia (HTV1) and Sweden (STV).

Avi Armoza, CEO of Armoza Formats, said: “We are seeing The Bubble come back into the spotlight given the context of today’s world—not only are people more and more reliant on technology, but it has never been harder to know what’s real. In a time where facts and fiction are hard to distinguish, we strongly believe that The Bubble is must-have programming for channels across the world, and that ITV Entertainment is the perfect partner to ensure its success in the U.S.”

ITV Entertainment’s president, David Eilenberg, added: “Armoza Formats consistently takes risks by creating high-quality and format-friendly entertainment content that explores cultural issues in unusual ways, ultimately resonating with audiences all around the world. We are delighted to continue to be in business with Armoza Formats and look forward to making The Bubble rise to great heights in the U.S.”

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