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Social Wit List: September 2018


BET’s The Bobby Brown Story event miniseries generated the most social media buzz among all the new show premieres around the world in September, according to The WIT.

The two-part #HighlyAnticipated biopic generated about 209,000 social media mentions as fans were enthused by the #AmazingLeadPerformance and #GreatSoundtrack.

Canale 5’s celebrity spin on Temptation Island came in a distant second with 102,000 tweets. Temptation Island VIP was seen as a #GuiltyPleasure and #MemeGenerator with #SoManyWTFMoments.

The new Argentine telenovela Mi hermano es un clon was third with about 62,000 tweets. Audiences raved about the #GoodLookingCast—including the lead actor—but some viewers felt that the plot was #NotSoOriginal

Kanal D’s new drama Bir Umut Yeter logged about 55,000 social media mentions, with viewers #ExcitedAboutThePremiere of the show about a couple who raise an abandoned newborn as their own. Fans were attracted to the #PowerfulFemaleCharacter and found the show #Inspiring.

NBC’s new mystery thriller Manifest generated about 29,000 mentions as audiences were #Hooked by the #UnexpectedTwists. An #EmotionalRollercoaster, the series was compared by many to the hit Lost.

Netflix’s new movie Sierra Burgess Is a Loser was more polarizing, with the 28,000 tweets indicating #MixedFeelings. Some thought it #CreepyAndDisrespectful, others #CuteAndRelatable.

Mayans M.C. got good marks from fans of the acclaimed FX series Sons of Anarchy, with many of the 25,000 mentions about the spin-off focused on the #LatinoRepresentation and #AmazingCastAndSoundtrack.

The return of Murphy Brown, meanwhile, also received largely favorable mentions. The CBS sitcom turned some viewers off for being #TooPolitical, but many others were excited for the #TripDownMemoryLane and the #GreatCameoByHillaryClinton.

The new TV Globo novela Espelho da Vida logged about the same number of social media mentions (19,000) as viewers praised the #OriginalPlot with its #ShowInsideAShow conceit and offered kudos to actress Kefera Buchmann, who started out her entertainment career as a YouTube personality.

Rounding out the top ten is the Mexican teen novela Like, la leyenda. Some viewers were #HookedByTheCharacters but others felt the show has #PoorActingPerformances and they #LovedRebeldeMore, referencing the much-loved series that run from 2004 to 2006.

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