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Social Wit List: May 2018


Of all the new programs to launch around the world in May, Globo’s Segundo Sol generated the most buzz on social media, according to The WIT.

The telenovela is about a fallen singer who finds an unusual way to be back in the limelight. A fake announcement of his death spreads on the web and increases the sales of his records. Faced with such unexpected success, he decides not to deny the rumor and moves to a small island, under a new identity. There were around 87,000 Facebook and Twitter comments about the debut episode, which got a #SealOfApproval from many of those watching, with its #GreatPlot and #AmazingSoundtrack.

TVN in Chile debuted Rojo, el color del talento to some 73,000 tweets. The new version of the talent show Rojo, el valor del talento searches for singers and dancers, who are split into two groups that battle it out for fame and glory. The show was #BringingBackMemories for its viewers, who were commenting about the #TopNotchContestants and #Entertaining watch, especially for those who think there’s #EnoughTelenovelas out there.

Inday Will Always Love You premiered on GMA Network in the Philippines and saw around 27,000 comments. In the series, Happylou is a lechon (roasted pig) store assistant who agrees to be transferred to Cebu for work. There, she begins the search for a father she never knew. The internet was buzzing about the #Cute plot and #BubblyLeadingActress, paired with her acting counterpart that saw the #ReturnOfMyFavoriteOnScreenCouple for many viewers. The show also left audiences #CravingSomeLechon.

MTV Brasil aired Prêmios MTV Miaw, which also drew some 27,000 tweets. The Brazilian version of the MTV Millennial Awards recognizes the best in millennial culture, including music, movies and online entertainment. The audience was questioning #WhyIsItPrerecorded and its purpose (#UselessAwards). Some thought there was #TooMuchPlayback and others tweeted that #ImOnlyHereToWatchAnitta.

Netflix’s launch of the Korean reality adventure entertainment show Busted! drummed up a lot of buzz. Some 27,000 tweets were sent about the show, in which celebrities find themselves in a special place where they have to work together to solve mysteries. Two episodes are released every week. Those commenting on social media thought it was #Funny and #Exciting, with some even saying they #SignedUpToSeeMyFavoriteKPopIdols with the streaming service.

América TV in Argentina debuted Incorrectas to around 24,000 tweets. The daytime talk show is hosted by pop icon Moria Casán, known for her sharp tongue and off-color humor, together with a team of seven female panelists. Many viewers were #GladToSeeMoriaOnTVAgain but some found it #Boring, with #TooMuchCannedLaughter and #TooManyPanelists.

There were approximately 23,000 comments about the premiere of As Aventuras de Poliana on SBT in Brazil. The youth telenovela, inspired by Eleanor H. Porter’s classic Pollyanna, revolves around a young orphan who goes to live with her wealthy but stern spinster aunt. There was buzz about the #GreatPerformances in the #AmazingPremiere, which was #YoungFansFavorite.

Multishow in Brazil premiered the docu-reality show Prazer, Pabllo Vittar, which drew some 13,000 tweets. The show follows singer, songwriter and drag queen Pabllo Vittar. He reveals his daily life and tells stories about his childhood and the beginning of his career. Many of those tweeting alongside the debut were #GettingToKnowMyIdolBetter and thought the star #LooksAmazing (#PablloVittarIsAQueen).

Scanzonissima saw around 13,000 Facebook and Twitter comments with its premiere on Rai 2 in Italy. The adaptation of the musical game-show format Killer Karaoke sees celebrity contestants doing their best to perform some of the world’s greatest hits while being subjected to physical challenges. There was social media chatter about the #QuaintStudioSet and #FunnyChallenges, with some #ImpressedBySingerScanusBrio and others saying its #JustLikeOtherMusicalGameShows.

The first Spanish adaptation of the BBC format Dancing with the Stars (Strictly Come Dancing), Bailando con las Estrellas, launched on La 1 to around 13,000 tweets. Many of the commenters on social media said that the show was #Boring and #OldFashioned and that they #DislikeMusicalSelection and think #HostRobertoLealDeservesBetter.

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