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MIPCOM Spotlight: Escapade Media


Adam Richman travels the world on an eating adventure in Slice, a highlight from Escapade Media.

“This will be an incredible journey of food, culture and travel that will also deliver a number of digital assets to allow the audience to immerse themselves” in the series, says Natalie Lawley, the managing director of Escapade Media.

The company also has the documentary Walking Points, which illustrates the strong bond between humans and dogs while exploring the idea that canines may be able to detect cancer. Charged & Disbarred explores real-life crimes perpetrated by those trusted to uphold the law. “This series offers the viewer a unique twist on crime programming by exposing those [individuals] who we turn to in times of trouble who abuse their position of power and trust,” says Lawley.

She adds, “We are very interested in hearing about titles that feature out-of-the- ordinary and obscure stories.”

A law-abiding Australian living in New York finds out she’s an illegal alien and must build a new life from scratch in the drama series Undocumented.

The central character in 600 Bottles of Wine is a woman who finds herself flung back into the dating scene after breaking up with her long-term boyfriend.

The Art of Killing is set between Liverpool in the U.K. and the Gold Coast of Australia. “These locations serve as a backdrop for a story filled with intrigue and mystery and a dark backstory that will thrill audiences around the world,” says Lawley. “Maximizing on the demand for crime drama, with a very cinematic point of difference, this series offers buyers a story that is inherently international.”

She adds, “These projects represent Escapade’s mission to present unique and fresh ideas that resonate with global audiences.”

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