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MIPCOM Spotlight: Beyond Distribution


Beyond Kids is the new children’s division of Beyond Distribution, which is headed to the market with a number of highlights.

Beyond Kids “has more than 950 hours of content featuring internationally renowned kids’ programming from the last 25 years,” according to Munia Kanna-Konsek, the head of sales at Beyond Distribution. “These include the BAFTA Award-winning Ocean Girl, CBBC’s Numberjacks, The Dengineers and Junior Vets.

Among the company’s kids’ highlights is MythBusters Jr., a factual-entertainment series hosted by former MythBuster Adam Savage and meant for viewers between the ages of 6 and 12. There is also Wow! That’s Amazing, a live-action factual-entertainment show targeting the same age demo; Gym Stars, a live-action documentary series; and Beat Bugs, an animated program with music made famous by The Beatles.

On the factual side, six Indigenous individuals learn what it takes to complete fur trade missions similar to those of their Northern Canadian ancestors in Merchants of the Wild. “They must survive for 25 days, using their collective knowledge and courage to find food, make shelter, endure freezing nights and battle an emotional journey to reconnect with the land of their forefathers,” says Kanna-Konsek.

Another factual highlight from the company is Storm of Suspicion, a true-crime series that is on The Weather Channel. “Each episode, featuring experts and forensic meteorologists, is structured as a real-life whodunit, with weather ultimately playing the pivotal role in how the crime was resolved,” says Kanna-Konsek.

Then there is Built to Last, investigating the resilience of today’s homes.

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