Sunday, December 10, 2017
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The March 2017 edition of WORLD SCREEN is set to arrive at the desks of media executives before MIPTV, and will also have bonus distribution at the market in Cannes, as well as at FILMART.

SCRIPTED SAVVY: Spotlighting the latest trends in scripted as drama continues to reign supreme across the globe.

Here are the ten value-added benefits you will derive from advertising with us in the March 2017 edition.

1. Comprehensive mailing to buyers before they leave for MIPTV.
2. Extensive distribution in publication bins and hotels during MIPTV, plus distribution at FILMART in Hong Kong.
3. Your company will receive a profile (including a color image of a highlighted program and the headshot of the executive interviewed) in the front section of the magazine.
4. The profile will also run in World Screen Newsflash, TV Drama Daily or TV Kids Daily before the markets.
5. As an advertiser, you will also get our listings services (including a color image of a program and company logo) in WORLD SCREEN, TV LISTINGS (a separate magazine) and the digital edition of TV LISTINGS.
6. Your listings and stand number will also be included in the WORLD SCREEN APP, available for iOS and Android devices.
We will also place video clips of your programs in your own Screening Room for MIPTV on, our video portal powered by Brightcove.
8. Your ad will also appear in the digital edition, reaching 35,000 media executives in early March. For a link to last year’s pre-MIPTV issue, click here.
9. We will place your electronic button advertisement on the home page of any one of these 11 websites—,,,,,,,,, or—for three months.
10. Your company’s product news will receive priority pre-market exposure in our four online daily newsletters, ten online weekly newsletters and 13 websites.

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